Tonight was good. We got there around 8. It was early, but a good time to get there. 

Frankly, I wasn’t sure if I was going on or not. Energy-wise, I wasn’t sure if I was back yet. I hadn’t gone on stage since hosting a few weeks ago.

I had to recharge my battery, which worked perfectly fine tonight. I never really know until I’m on stage. 

The show was great tonight, the Host, Beth, was on fire. Trying to describe it is futile. I love her brand.

The audience tonight was also very on point. We had some great laughers. 

Everyone did well tonight. As far as I saw there were no duds or misfires.

-Although one moment of the night was “off”, and everybody was just like, whaaaaaaa?, what was some roasting-heckling went off the rails(?) Not sure what happened there.  Not trying to shit on anyone… Honestly until that moment, I was in the palm of this performers hand- I don’t know what happened. Not my business but girl that mess was crazy. But you didn’t hear that from me.-  

I saw some really cool stuff out of someone I had given up on. 

Someone else surprised me with their depth, which is always nice. 

It was a good show tonight. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t give a full recap because we had to leave before the last few performers. Today was long, he had to be up for a breakfast, and I was in my office until late last night. Also sorry about the length of this post, it is late and I am tired. 

What I do know is that I am going to do something nice for myself, probably food, for being such a beautiful talented boy. Usually I like to hold off but then he forgets and fucks himself out of a celebration. Because it’s for him and he doesn’t feel worthy. Even though he is a walking celebration. It’s fine. He’s fine. WOW. 



(Eat something good!)

I don’t know what tonight’s episode is, love me anyway.

Season 3

Episode 2

Been There, Done That


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