(I wrote this early this morning and forgot to post. I’m TRY-ING❤️)

Is a big day. Today is a big day.

Today is big.

It is a big day.

Sorry, I haven’t been here even to check my stats since they moved to the Jetpack app. *eye roll*

This year, is about to be just like 26 for me. I know it like I know myself. It makes since. It was late 25 that I decided to get healthy. Now, I’m getting healthy and finding success. I know it. I don’t know exactly what but I do know that it is happening. And kind of maybe, but it might be different. You never know and I’m not limiting shit. I want it all. I got healthy before, I’ll do it again. Before that, I never really knew what I was capable of. So now, I’m not worried. Even where I am. Exactly where I am.

I hope the weather is better where you are. I hope the sun shines on you. Stay safe.

Did I already say I’m looking forward to my birthday again? It’s a good development for me. I started to type out “The last few years” and I immediately backspaced that shit. My body refused. I don’t care. I don’t care anymore, I have no reason too. This year is happening now.

There was a Tornado Warning just now, my phone scared the shit outta me.

(obviously we made it, I have so much more to update about this weekend. Will be back tomorrow❤️❤️)

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