Don Mancini is my favorite person for November.

We started the new Chucky series. We started the movies a few weeks ago. I had already seen them but only periodically and a long time ago.

I love the whole thing. What I did not know was how iconic Don Mancini is. He is family if you know what I am saying. Not that it matters, because it doesn’t, but I’m glad he’s one of ours.

Lord please don’t let that man be an asshole. I love him so much. Slay.

My eyes are crossing but I will come back to this subject later.

Life has been eventful lately.

He’s grateful it is finally cold outside. The sunrises this time of year -Autumn Mornings- cannot be beat. The world is beautiful once more.

I’ve been able to get the the gym enough that I’m finally feeling better.

Do something nice for yourself, Gorgeous.

(Trying to get rid of the ads, it is just out of my hands at the moment.)


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