Was decent. I never really know how I will perform until I’m on stage. It was alright.

By the time I got up most of the audience had left, which is always a challenge. Sometimes that shuts me down, but tonight I was determined to perform regardless of the crowd. I’m glad I did.

One impression was about 75% and the other was not very good (I caught it at the end but that is hardly a success, probably won’t try that one again for a while.

The crowd was generous with me which I appreciated. Lots of people like to go outside while I’m performing, like they are slick, but whatever. It doesn’t bother me. THAT is funny.

Someone used me in one of their jokes and it might’ve hurt my feelings if that had been the first time I’d heard the joke.(😈)I’m behaving.

And I truly don’t mind helping someone out.

Everything but my opener was all new material, but it isn’t like I’ve been doing shows every week so that’s not exactly impressive. I’m trying to perform as much as possible because I desperately need the practice. I think I was up for almost 5 minutes, not great, but not terrible either.

More updates to come. Bless you all, I hope you are well and happy. Be good to yourself.

[A note on productivity- This year has been wild from the start. My readers here are way down from last year because I have had precious little time to devote to this blog. Not only that, it has been difficult to stay consistent in my writing. I started doing standup this year and it has been a challenge to keep this site updated. If you are a regular here, know that I appreciate the hell outta you. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my cranky little heart.]

[[And I am not paying, cannot afford, 40 bucks a month to remove the WordPress logo at this time, soooo… sorry about that. They are not slick, that shit is disgusting. SHAME!!! MAYBE when I can afford to Upgrade to annual, but it is not a priority at this time. That is an in-office tooth whitening for Christ’s sake.]]

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