I’ve been meaning to measure my progress exercise wise.

*I weigh approximately 262 pounds.*

Height-5′ 5″/Waist- 37″/ Chest- 47″/ Shoulders- 56″/Hip- 47.25″ Left Thigh- 30″, Right Thigh- 29.8″ Calves- 17″, Ankles-10.9″ Forearms- 12.8″, LB -17.5″ RB- 17″ Wrists- 7.2″

Torso sits at about 49″ when I am not sucking in. It’s muscle… I know… and it still makes me look fat, thank you noticing. Particularly in clothes. These love handles were what messed up that calculation… I’m done. I’m sorry for the excuse, I know, I’m trying, thank you for-your-concern.

Besides my huge stomach and my fat face I’m pretty freaking thrilled. I’m proud of myself. More important than anything, I’ve been feeling much better, which is nice. 

I need to lose another 40ish pounds of fat. I’m “Supposed” to weigh no more than 150. Which is a “normal” chart for people with different bodies. F that thing.

I’m molting. You guys know he’s molting? Because he is Molting.


I have had to work SO hard for SO long because I slacked off for about a year and a half. 7 months just to get back to “kinda okay” with weight to lose and muscle to gain. -Fuck- Me– –Running. It’s alright. I’m so effing ready. Show me what you got.

DAMN I hope the world doesn’t blow up before I can get my freak back on (and this time forever). This one will be good I think… Just… trying not to lose my hair. I think I’ll be alright. If it does go my head is cute. A bitch would rather have hair though.

I am WAY overdue on reading here.

Do the best you can. Be yourself. You’re fantastic.

Last nights Episode was A Family Affair Season 4 Episode 3. Followed by In Sickness and in Hell.

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