Usually, it’s Xena, we know that. Tonight it was Black Butler.

I love animation, you guys. It was this or Soul Eater. (Or something new, but I did not have the energy.)

I did, go on stage tonight though I wasn’t going to perform. I’m glad I did ok it.

There was some very funny things happening tonight and it was fantastic. I only had one joke and they did not like it, it’s alright, because I did.

I can’t say a favorite here for fear of hurt feelings.

I can’t.

He wasn’t great but he loves it.

Something for you-

It made me laugh-


Where is my Sebastian?

CHANZY, you’re 34 that Sebastian is like 84,

I don’t care!! Is he keeping it tight?


It’s fine. Forgive my voice “it’s late”. And pardon the cursing I was excited.

Who’s playing with my hair?

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