I’m watching it now, halfway through, fuck those one star reviews already.

We aren’t even done-and fuck those one star reviews.

It’s worth the price of admission.


Drag that bitch like Janelle Monáe.

“Thank you so much, Rebecca!” like Gabourey Sidibe.


I feel like the only “folks” who want their money back for Antebellum are not very good people.

You showed your ass in that One Star Review. 

The opening scene alone is worth more than that.

Schitty Wok

I love the show

I love the show

But I call bullshit on the Schitt’s Creek finale and I’ll tell you why-

DAVID stopped talking to Patrick-for WEEKS-because he never disclosed a *failed* engagement….(That was never really his business in the first place….)

But He gets to let someone use the manual overdrive on their Wed-ding Day?!


Now, that’s a double standard and those are incorrect.

Unless Patrick got to keep the video… no.

Aww hell, it makes for good T.V.

At least there was no “whiskey” with Jake…


🎶Rowling Rowling🎶

🎶Rowling down the river🎶

Who knew the “K” was for Karen?

Identity is hard, you’d think someone who uses a pen name would be more understanding. I don’t think she has to change her opinion. I think her opinion is wrong.

I’m not trying to convince anyone.

The idea that trans women are a danger to women is offensive. Trans people have the most to fear from their own kind(wherever they are)who will not accept them.

It’s a big deal.

*Trans people need more allies within the gay community. They don’t have our support, that makes them vulnerable.


Once there was a man named “Roy”. He had all the qualities I looked for, then. He was sweet, pretty eyes, pretty smile.

We broke up because I couldn’t keep driving my Ram an hour to his apartment and an hour back to mine. It was around $45…in 2006. It always felt correct, until we got intimate. It made no sense. He was beautiful but I was not there for it. It probably had to do with the fact that-even then-I honestly wish I’d held back on sex until I was married. Yeah- you want to be good at sex, yes- no one likes being called a “Virgin“, what else?!

People are gross and even good sex is brief.

What I don’t understand is why religious people don’t lead off with how dull it can be. Or actively gross…

He was not dull or gross it was just incorrect.

It happens. Not worth it. When stacked against not doing it? no, not worth it. I don’t remember his last name. (Miller?)

Beyond that- even when it’s ‘good’ it drives you or them psycho….or changes the dynamic in some unpleasant way.

Don’t start.

Wait…What was I saying? Oh yeah-

Guard that 🐆.

*********************no judgements. Do what makes you happy, please.*********************

**I will say, SOME men(not“Roy”) feel that dosing a lover’s drink is “not a big deal”. That- by agreeing to date them-you’ve given them your power of attorney. It is a very big fucking deal. Twice. It’s happened at least twice. Thankfully, I’m heavier than I look. They know who they are. But no….People don’t just make you a drink for no reason.

🎶No no no🎶

If men can stand outside bare chested and it not be scandalous then women should have every right and protection to stand outside bare chested.

We all have nipples-WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

You asked the wrong one about breast feeding, sister.

If I could walk around in briefs and sneakers I would….It would cut out a lot of nonsense.

On the other hand I enjoy oversized clothing just as much. (Personally- I like it to be a surprise, but that’s me…secret weapon type stuff, if you will.)

But no, that’s some ol’ bullshit.

Men are terrible.

Workout Playlist Today

(In alphabetical order because my headphones 🎧 save everything that way, deal with it.🇦🇶)

We are just getting started…
Yeah, Alexa won’t play the Jennifer Saunders version of “Holding Out For a Hero”, will she?!
This was taken before TrittHead showed out on Twitter. She’s off the list.
🎶 He ate it with his grill now his diamonds in my coochie🎶

I hate exercise as much as I love not being grotesquely obese.

good music helps.

On Robert Pants I

He was also *MARRIED* before he got *FAMOUS*.

Robert(aka-Spongebob)Pants* is my ex-husband. I don’t know what the “Square” is about…Hollywood…🙄

He’s a good person…except he’s a freaking enchanted cleaning object.

He was the sweetest thing I’d ever met.

He saved me from a rip current near Bikini Atoll and I built that stupid fucking tree-dome…like an idiot. Like an idiot!

We were never right for each another and that’s no one’s fault.

We married in ‘ 94 and split in ’98 when he stopped taking his “equalizers”. His Rock Bottom was a dark place.

I had no choice but to leave when he stopped letting me sleep.

He threatened to move in next to Squidward.

*The same Squidward who has a long-standing order of protection against him.(That can happen when you break into someone’s house EVERY MORNING to watch them sleep.)*

I couldn’t…I came home.

He moved into a pineapple. Next to Squidward.

Ask Squidward, I dare you. He got around it with that slick-ass attorney Nickelodeon paid for-“A fruit doesn’t violate the order” they said. He got around it. They always do.

I swore not to speak to him for that nonsense.

The last time we were in contact my FATHER gave him my PHONE NUMBER before MY WED-DING. (Not funny, Bobby Joe!)

He was over served at a sundae bar…and bring on the drunk texts-

I hate Patrick.”

(I wish I cared.)

“You were right, He’ll never promote me.”

(Duh. Greedy Son of a 🦀)

“I should’ve listened.”

(Duh. And I shouldn’t’ve talked so much, what else?!)

“Gary misses PopPop.”

(Don’t you talk to me about Gary! You never wanted pets, Robert!)

“”It was a moment of weakness!””

(You were a moment of weakness.)

Blah. Blah. Blah…Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit…


So he gets mad I won’t respond and validates my critical thinking skills by showing his yellow ass. We’ll save that bit of nasty for later.

I haven’t been back to the Pacific.

Recently, my ex-husband said some hateful shit about my age on his social media.

I wanted to tell him to go back to his former (better) “dermatologist” because that new work is Bump-Y.

(Sometimes things are expensive, Robert!)

But I’m not going to be that person.

Don’t let him fool you, though.

Robert had sex with my cousin, a-f-t-e-r-wards. I never begrudged him his happiness and he fucks my cousin? Whatever. Men are trash, even the fem ones.

I did send Squidward a deep-sea tanq-rifle for his birthday. She loves me.

I just want everyone to be happy.

Robbie’s a good person but don’t tell him I said anything nice about him.

I hope he’s happy…

and taking his meds.



One thing I never had, or thought I needed, was “good” towels.

Many of you had the good fortune to grow up in a house with good towels or you’ve experienced them in hotels.

I thought a towel was a towel.

This past week, as a last birthday present to myself, I wanted something nice for our home that would make an instant change.

It wasn’t hard to settle on towels… We literally have one that’s worth a damn and it has a spot on it.

I found what I was looking for and got two of them. They were not cheap but inexpensive for what they were.

I was WRONG!

“Oh my God, you guys”

“I’m seriously”


Fuck that sandpaper, bitch, get you some nice towels!

We’re all headed back to the goo-Why not wrap yourself in something soft and enjoy what there is to enjoy before you’re gone and forgotten??


Life is too short for cheap-ass towels…

The Best Sandwich

Is a modified chicken club.

A big hunk of you favorite bread

-Grilled Chicken


-Pepperoni(Let Me Finish!)

-(Light)Pizza style Marina

-Cheese Blend

-Toast that shit up sexy



-Black Olives

-Banana Peppers

-Salt Pepper

-One line of ranch on the way out



Yesterday, I ate something that did not agree with my (sissy) stomach. Guess who was up at 1 and 3? I’m old. I’m an old man.

When I did manage to crawl back into bed I felt a tickle in my nose. What’s that? And my allergies came to visit??


I’m awake Universe, thank you! Damn.

No…yeah, today’s gonna be fucking awesome.

I’m okay, I’m okay…Fortunately it’s just cramps; not diarrhea. You can’t go ANYWHERE with allergies AND diarrhea.

Believe what I am saying, you cannot.

Moonshine (8-4)

It’s been a long day and I’m not even finished…


because I care about you,

Here are some pictures of tonight’s Waning Gibbous.


No two shots are the same and I love it↕️.

I really enjoy the placement on this one☝️.

Here’s a few where I played with the light. This one reminds me of Pluto.
This is my favorite from the night.