I met Ron Jeremy at the FAIRFIELD INN in Dothan. There was a Courtyard right next door. …..Budgets. I had not seen any of his movies but I had seen Orgazmo. (*Have not. Woof) I knew I recognized him, which I’m sure he gets a LoT. He said, “I’m an actor.” Kinda defensively. I didn’tContinue reading “Gon-e”


I saw these when they came out “JUST STOP THAT TICKING!” It changed my Life “How ’bout Some Ice?” It was with my favorite roommate. We could not get over Her. My Favorite Comedy is where a normal person is driven to go off. I love it. “WILL YOU STOP THE CLOCK WHILE I LOOKContinue reading “Live”


I came out to a friend’s Mother and She said, “That’s wonderful, here’s some cake.” At which point I was presented with chocolate cake. She was also the person who figured out that red was my color. I didn’t even know. I have had different coming out experiences, hear me, HAVE HAD DIFFERENT COMING OUTContinue reading “OUT”


I am freaked out over Afghanistan. People think I’m all Rah-Rah but no, that was a fiasco. I’m a patriot, not a moron. Just in case you were wondering, I’m just trying to behave. It never should’ve happened. I cannot think about the Women or my Brothers and Sisters, and I CERTAINLY cannot think aboutContinue reading “Poll”


I have to exercise before I get in the tub! I keep forgetting and I can’t put it off! DAMN IT!-DAMN IT!-DAMN IT! As Shelley Long once said. He was so tired and grouchy this morning he broke down and drank coffee. Yeah, today is MARVELOUS. And now I have to SWEAT. He’s fine, it’sContinue reading “Roar”

I Think

When I get Home, I’m going to put on of my old teachers on blast. He freaked outing a “loser“ kid because no one cared, but I was standing right there. I didn’t say anything then but I didn’t have to, I got it. No, I got it. Fuck you, “it’s too late”. It’s neverContinue reading “I Think”

Tell Me

You Love Me First of all I freaking Loved the Fear Street Books. I read this in the 90’s. It was just better. I’m looking at Netflix, they’re going into the backstory. I don’t think I’m watching it but damn that’s nice. Like when I started Game of Thrones right before it premiered. I hadContinue reading “Tell Me”


I don’t know how I know, but Female Sex Workers (most Sex Workers) have no time for homosexual men. I thought it was the “no business” aspect. It’s because the Homos will beat any price.* I don’t know how I know, but it’s true. (Or you know, whatever, if I gotta go there.) (One dayContinue reading “True”


He Thought because he didn’t get any fatter in the waist he was safe. Every bit of weight I gained has just made other parts of my body jiggle unnecessarily. It’s fine. I’ll tell you how I found out. I’m a believer in working out all over and as quick as possible. I’m thinking aboutContinue reading “Shook”


I have to figure out where to stream this- Number….5 today it is number 5. I’m behaving. “What was that?” I am in love with Her. That Slap is Everything