Last Week

Was a lazy week for me. It being the last week of winter I really wanted to soak it in and thankfully, I was able too. It was lovely.

Things are waking up and as wonderful as Winter was this year, I am hopeful for Spring. Even summer looks good to me right now.

The last few years I’ve just been trying to mange. I wouldn’t re-live last year for a billion dollars. Last year is irrelevant now, buddy-ros. We’re gonna have a good year, is what we’re gonna do.

I’m looking forward to my birthday again, which is normal for me. Hope you are too.


On with it now,

I am happy you are here. Whoever you are. I wanted to wish everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day to feel close to my ancestors but I got baked apples instead. Irish I hadn’t said that. I hope your surroundings make you happy. I hope the air is good and the sky is beautiful.

OOOOOOK. Last one

Last one you are getting tonight.

I hope it is cold on my birthday in the dead-ass middle of Summer. I love the cold, I am going to miss the cold- this year looks good. This year smells like a mountain top. I want every good thing this year has to offer. I am excited. I hope that wherever you are you are happy. We should all be excited.

Just wanted to get on here and tell you that.

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