Excuse My language

but when the Fuck did my chest get hotter than my stomach?

I was taken pictures just now and saw that.

Not much tonight but I will tell you want happened tonight.

My cat got mad that I gave my dog a cracker, my cat doesn’t eat crackers but her feelings were hurt. I come around the corner and she is attempting to throw up all over the top stairs.

I chase her down halfway, where she stops on the landing and vomits on the Rug.

And it turned me into my granny and I popped her with my shoe.

So, put another way- I turned into my Grandmother because my cat got mad that I gave my dog a cracker and vomited on the rug, and I had to take off my shoe.

I love her so much, it was so funny, I could barely recount the story to my husband. She absolutely tried me. She’s snoring beside me now.

☀️I hope your weekend is good.☀️

Published by Chanzy

He's a mess. What else?

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