Taking Lives


(with a great ending) but a TERRIBLE movie.

It was so bad.

Why do I remember it being good?! But I did.

The trick is you gotta watch most of the movie through the “busted” horror filter. Where you know it’s bad but that’s why it’s great. And the ending was great. That sex scene was *not* okay. Ethan Hawke was in a SUIT! WHAT WAS THAT?!



Unless you want to have fun in a mean girl way.

We ended up watching a Fantasmic episode of The Morning Show. I feel like 2007 Jen Anniston would love us for that. Always been on her side of that bit of history. I loved her more, and hoped she’d find a way to overcome it. I always loved her. Glad she done so much. Love Reese Witherspoon, my whole life.

I hope this year has been good to you and continues to bring you joy. We are already a month in, how crazy is that?

Don’t watch Taking Lives.

Right now we are watching Golden Girls Season 4 Episode 19- “Till Death Do We Volley“. He is almost out then im changing it to Xena. Probably a comedic episode. Will update.



Update-Tonight’s Episode is You Are There (Season 6 Episode 13) a freakshow 1/2 Xena 1/2 TMZ, it is a mess.

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He's a mess. What else?

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