* Currently, I am in a battle with my insomnia. If I don’t take my sleeping pills, I stay up too late and sleep too long. If I do take my sleeping pills, I sleep for 12-16 hours straight and wake up with a hangover that lasts until I drink coffee. It’s going to be alright. It is that time of year. *

Last night’s dream was spectacular.

So, it starts, and we have gone on vacation to an Island Paradise. I heard the words “St. Lucia” but I’ve never been or even seen it so. It was playing Saint Lucia, but it felt more like French Polynesia. The blue of the waters was this beautiful backlit azure, it was so beautiful.

My husband had to report to work a few times on this vacation. (grrrr, I know)

The first day, I am by myself, and the first thing I do is find a river. Like most rivers in my dreams this one was reminiscent of Holmes Creek. I thought- I’d like to go tubing down this river and ended up floating all the way down on my back. It was so cool. Thankfully, I didn’t get eaten. I came around a bend and saw whitewater ahead and banked on the right side. When I got out of the river there was this long, narrow Sea Entrance with beaches and palm trees on both sides.

From here I felt the impulse to board a cruise-ship to a neighboring island, so I did.

At this point, I was just trying to find my husband. Not in a scared way, but an impatient longing way. We get to the other island, and I walk into this UN looking chamber that is currently in recess. In this dream my Husband was being played by Seth Meyers, but he was still himself. He had a high clearance government job though.

Basically, he was like, damn baby, how did you get here? and I was like, you know me.

He had things left to do so I had to go back to the other island. A bitch didn’t have the clearance.

I’m getting off the ship and I’m speaking to a representative of the initial island. She was blonde and pretty. She did not like that I had traveled to another island. Not, mad, just obviously a little bothered. There was (some kind of) rivalry between the islands, and she was worried about losing business.

I had to let her know that I only went out looking for my Husband.

I told her- “We always find each other”

For a dream where we weren’t really together it was very nice and peaceful.


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