Last Night

I had an all night dream that took place in the setting I grew up in.

It was the same piece of land that I grew up on. The house was different, an actual house instead of a trailer.

I was married, we had one neighbor who lived close.

I was a killer in this dream, not a random victim type thing but a “do whatever it takes to advance and protect my family” type killer.

Someone had gotten on my shit list and was in the back of my car passed out. While I’m moving them to the killing place a neighbor comes up close. I almost got him to leave me alone, but right before he walked away he saw the back passenger-side door open and ol’ dudes arm hanging out of the car.

So I had to kill him. It was very rushed, he ended up in the back yard.

Later, his wife calls and says she knows what happened and attempts to blackmail me.

That night I shared the situation with my husband.

We were supposed to dispose of the body properly but it never happened. Just inaction.

The next day I got a text from the wife with pictures of the evidence.

So I disappeared, but knew that I was going to jail.

The last part of my dream was a very homoerotic scene where very attractive inmates were basically like- “Baby, It’s Okay.”

From the moment I went to sleep to the moment I woke up.

That one was rough.

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