We were running late because I forgot to put my glasses back on. Had to turn around.

It was so much better than I thought it would be to-night.

Oh my God,

Okay, so my basic bitch ass saw my first roast battle and it was SO GOOD >< It was so damn funny.

The last few times I’d tried to go late, people left before I could get up there, and because I’m so new, little things still effect me. Affect? I don’t fucking care. I’m trying to go on earlier. I very nearly wanted to go first but didn’t ask, and then, the impulse left me.

Everyone who went on ready to eat tonight. He loves to see it. Particularly, the two sets right after mine. Lil Twin and Scott Wilding. Both did very well.

Someone paid me a very nice compliment.

The Hosts, Beth and Deonté were on fire. Darrin was on fire.

My set started, it was like someone running at a cliff. I just went for it.

That first joke was t-r-a-g-i-c. A fiasco. Bop Bop. It has done better. My delivery was effed.

I pace. Apparently.😈. I prowl sometimes when I’m searching. I didn’t come alive until I was able to run it down. The first quarter was wasted space. I did get off the ground but it wasn’t something I can say “I” did, if that makes any sense. I’m happy. He’s happy.

Probably had the shortest set tonight, which makes sense.


Did you tell them you were non-binary? Kinda. And I actually wanted to keep that one locked down, (I don’t think that is the right term, maybe I am being weak. I think I’m just a very sensitive person? But there’s no time for that, I am not there to analyze my inner workings Im there to perform) and it turned out to be a Sudafed joke. It was the biggest laugh I got.

And then he sang.

It was so bad. Bad is good here. I was afraid they were going to heckle me and it was the only thing I had. Fergie’s National Anthem, Chanzy? Yes. Almost to the chorus, I needed it so bad.

Did you just yell “laugh” at that guy? And he did, and said “Thank You”.

Cameras- Matt and Kim.

I am not great with being filmed. And did you very nearly go on a diva rant?, whooooooooooooooooo. I *literally* couldn’t because I was unsure people would think it was funny. Mariah Carey. Tonight it wasn’t bad. Somehow. It didn’t shut me down. Lots of Baptist owned footage of this one. It’s inevitable. I got used to it before and I’ll get used to it again. I need so much practice.,

I thought I was going to be sick right after I didn’t fail(?)🙄. It was good.

I was so freaking scared to go after Kristopher Kendrick.

Shockley did some great crowd work. I can’t do that ish yet. I was freaking out over thinking I’d have to be mean. If they’d heckled me tonight I was ready to start sobbing.

It was very nice to fall into that run.

Tonight was alright.

At first I think we all thought we’d be playing to the walls. People came in and from what I could see they hung around.

I thought I couldn’t do it with people so close, but the crowd was a BIG part of the show tonight. They were close to the stage but it wasn’t so bad. I got up there and realized it was two pretty girls. Thank you, Jesús. They were alright. I didn’t have to insult anyone and that’s all my tender heart wanted tonight after being off for so long.

I literally just want to get lost in the light where I can’t see anyone, but I can hear them, but he will take any type forward momentum at this point.

This summer came at my throat and eyes. Middle decade birthdays are busted, you guys.

Why am I always the damn rookie? What the actual f is that? -It’s fine! Always, though. He’s fine.

I’m wired because I was okay but I am not intoxicated along with that because I wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t all good, so, it’s tough. But he can do this.

I look so fat. I do have a pretty stomach outside of clothes, just by the way, but alright. He does have a pretty face you just got to get way too close to see it, by then he’s uncomfortable. It’s fine, you vain b-word, Eat it, it’s what you’re good at.

Cut to me never missing another workout ever.

Coffee’s wearing off. I had to leave two sets after mine, I hate to do that, that is the truth. Couldn’t see Gabriel tonight which sucks. Honorable Mentions- Brandi Augustus, Tim Gill, Cool Breeze, Amanda Kruel, Art Martin, Madison Duren, Gibson Carney, Andrew McAffry, David Habel. They were playing elsewhere. I know I forgot some people or missed someone else but he tried, damn it.

I hope the rest of your week goes well.

Thank you, for listening to an old man. 💋❤️🙏

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