Last Night

I had the craziest dream.

*We have been watching Claim to Fame. The other day I said how cool it would be to have a murder mystery reality show, like that,(without it coming off campy!) where they are eliminated based on their choices from the moment they enter the house. Mess up enough you’re on the list.*

It started somewhere north and west of here, in the woods somewhere. Off the highway.


There are people, about 6? All of them looked famous, the only face I can clearly remember is Gina Torres.

There is an older, chubby man. Who might have been wearing a chef hat.

There is a slight woman with a long bob cut.

I thought she was the killer.

I don’t know.

The scene is dark, and the sun is setting over a wooded ridge.

There are people running toward a building set in the Wilderness. (I looked like a *really nice* rest stop.)

All the lighting in this place was bad fluorescent… so obviously horror movie lighting. Low ceilings.

Then, I saw them die. Every time there was a death I saw it. I had no clue what was going on.

First it was quick and white and silver motions that ended neatly in death. In a closet? I think the first one was in a closet or closet like space. Someone was caught and it was quick. Boom.

Another death, that happened off screen. It’s coming together that this is no accident.

Then Slight Bob is looking up something on a computer that verifies she is related to or connected a crime that all of these people were involved in. (These people are being punished; it isn’t random. I think they killed/ruined her parents.)

Except, Gina Torres is behind her and sees the screen. But she is unaware of what she has seen, because she is just there, she didn’t do anything.


So Slight Bob (who now looks like Castle Rock Annie Wilkes) just walks out and I’m watching Gina Torres stand at an island in the kitchen, worrying.


Suddenly I am outside in a very pretty all-glass greenhouse, but it is dark outside so everything is in the shadows.

There is a fluffy woman who is been put, on a table, maybe strapped in a wheelbarrow. She is ahead of me. The guy in the chef’s hat walks around behind her. She is screaming or crying, probably both. He pulls out this cylindrical, narrow, metal, post-looking thing about a foot-and-a-half long with a big mean hook at the end. It looked like something you’d see in a butcher shop. Without saying a word he put it in her lower stomach and sliced all the way up her body. (!) Her cries cut out and became very quiet pathetic sounds.

(*Disney can’t show this, what is going on?!*)

There was no blood but because he’d cut the way he had you could see the outline of her stomach and other stuff, but none of it had been damaged. So, she might live if there was a doctor right there, but there was not. Just a very unpleasant cook.

I felt very sorry for her, she was innocent. Wrong place wrong time.

Then I woke up because the power went out and turned our “smart” lights into rave lights and woke me UP!


When I went out Slight Bob and the Infernal Chef were coordinating, after the kill.

She knew that Gina Torres had seen the screen and, by then, would know the truth.

When I left, I was in the grass in front of the building.

I came right back, SOMEHOW- and it was quiet and there was nothing there and it was not lit up, so it was over. Got back and it didn’t matter.


Freaking MISSED IT!!!!


And I’m choosing to believe she escaped.

Whatever crime was being punished, she didn’t have a part of, but they wouldn’t care, I saw what Chef Boyardee did in that greenhouse.

I woke up thinking, That was a messed-up dream..

Seeing it out loud… mmm-hmmm.

Glad I didn’t just leave that one inside.



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