Happy Saturday!

When I woke up today I thought to myself- it is a Saturday, just cool it and try and relax. Anyone who knows me knows that it is very hard for me to sit still and harder to relax. Anxiety.

They took Bring It On, Ghost off Netflix and it made me mad. They took Oh My Ghost off as well and I became bitter. Those are my favorite K-Dramas. Fortunately, I got the DVDs as an early birthday gift. Currently, I am watching 13th episode of Bring It On, Ghost. I like to rewatch it, usually this time of year.

Usually, I try to avoid coffee but today it was magnificent. I really like good coffee.

Fun fact- we realized this week that I didn’t have my first blended iced coffee drink until I was SEVENTEEN. NO WONDER I LIKE THEM SO MUCH! I’m behaving. People don’t know, they think they do but they don’t.

The last few weeks have been very tough psychologically for me. Summer is always a doozie tying right back into growing up in an agricultural economy.

I’ve been trying to get sun because I had low Vitamin D levels. I’m very fair skinned and am trying to stay safe about it. Recently discovered a new spot of arthritis, which is always fun. HELP ME!!! -He’s Fine! It’s Fine…

Hopefully this weekend is good to you all. I hope you are safe and happy. It seems like a lot to ask for in the world right now, but there it is.

Don’t run, screaming, into the woods x1
Don’t run, screaming, into the woods x2
Don’t run, screaming, into the woods x3

We need you.

The sooner you cut this woe is me sh!t the sooner we can move forward




I love you too, damn it.

Get more exercise. I worked out at least three times this past week and it may be the only reason I had it in me to do this. I have missed being here. I missed you, maybe. Whatever.

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