I’m working on a new look. Most of my life I’ve just thrown on clothes.

When you grow up as poor as I did it is complicated. There was never money for clothes and every time I was allowed to pick something it was criticized so hard I never learned to trust my instincts, which are on point.

Last week I found a shirt that reminds me of a 90’s shirt, specially the color.

I love this shirt, I found it online. (Amazon)

How cute is this???

I wore it on stage last night, so, now, I can wear it anytime.

🎶Radio🎶 🎶Spiderman🎶

I know tank tops are for younger people, I cannot help what looks good on my frame. i used to hate people my age and older wearing tank tops. I get it, just trying to look good.

It it were up to me I’d always wear a suit.

Be good to yourself. People are rough enough without leaving openings for them. You’re allowed to look good.

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