My insomnia is bucking like it always does this time of year.

I’m playing catch-up everywhere including my interactions on your pages, I have not forgotten you, it’s “that” time of year.

We both kind of hate spring. You think late winter is bleak but I hate the heat.

Summer will be better. I’ve had a wheeze since COVID and all I can think of is right now how to alleviate the embarrassing thing. Freaking loud breather.

It’s hard to keep up with everything.
I’m tired of being poor.

I’m going in a new direction and it has been wonderful.

I had an appointment for my shoulder yesterday and I’ve been in low gear trying to keep from irritating it further. Nothing new, fingers crossed, had a decent experience at the doctors, which was refreshing. Since I had an appointment I couldn’t sleep Monday, then last night, I thought I might be performing tonight but at about 2 A.M. I realized there was no way. I slept about 5 hours today between 8AM-1PM.

I am not good a relaxing. It takes as much practice for me as exercise, maybe more.

Had some very good tea a little while ago.

This year I may have been more productive career wise than ever before. I just wish my body wasn’t so frumpy.

I’m alright, it is not easy to maintain balance between Health, Mind, and Work. I sure wish my PARENTS HAD BEEN RICH. Feel like this might be easier somehow.

Anyway, that’s the story of why I can’t do overhead lifts anymore, probably.

Up until this time in my life I have been interested in strength only. I’m going to be switching gears into something superior. Yoga, Cardio, Swimming.

I am naturally muscular and I think it’s time to focus on function so I can remain upright.

I’ve been neglecting my self care for a while now and it didn’t really notice it until recently. I was so stressed on a regular basis that it has shown up as physical symptoms.
Living with chronic pain is no fun.

Sleep helps😴. Which is what I should be doing🥱 but I wanted to give you something, any little thing I could.🥴

Ready to be back in Dream World.💋

Take Care of Yourself. 🌹


PS- I am loving the sun this year. I have spent so much of my life out of the sunshine that my human body said, “…if you don’t go outside, Bitch.” The sun and the ocean are doing so much for me this year.

Please have good rest of the week!💋

Update- I’m still awake. I’m blaming you.

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