Yesterday, I had to do some driving. Last Night, I had a crazy dream. Here we go.

So, the trip I took yesterday involved a lot of back roads.

At the opening of the dream, the sky was sunless but not full dark.

In this dream, I could run really fast. What I am telling you is that I was running on the road next to cars and shit. Yes, on the interstate, AND it wasn’t odd because there were other people doing it. It was very Kung-Fu Hustle. I remember being very careful merging. The off ramps were fun.

The landscape by then was all dark and starry. It was a mix of rolling hills and mountains in the distance. It was very pretty, like Tennessee can be.

Ok, so after a while, I am solo on the open road, which is nice but after a while I get lonesome. Right as I am wondering why am I heading in this direction, I crest a hill that has mountains to each side. At the top of this hill I see the Moon, bigger than I have ever seen it. Beyond me is a city that is wedged into a mountain pass.

It was so cute, I love places like that. Just into the civilization I see a building (on the left) and go toward it like a bird who can sense where it’s going.

The building looked like a mix of a luxurious Japanese townhouse and a modern home.
It was big, and square, the exterior was all dark wood and glass, the floor was all concrete.

This house was gorgeous.

The door was unlocked, as these things are in dreams, so I went inside.
The entry room was separate from the parlor. The entry room was small and rectangular, the door on one side and a glass door into the house.
I stepped into the parlor.

Something told me to dance so I just started dancing. It looked more like Tai Chi, but a bitch is not complaining. There wasn’t direct moonlight but enough residual moonlight for me to cast shadows.

So, what happened next is the weird part, stay with me.

I’m having fun in this house I walked into, and a man emerges from a hallway to the right. Older, Asian, Attractive. He was wearing a dark house robe.

He looked incredulous…but in an entertained way? I don’t know. I can’t explain it.

I was SO FREAKED OUT. I said, You need to leave, now. And that is exactly what happened. Burning with shame I headed out the way I had come.


He stepped towards me, but not in anger, or at least, not entirely.
I could tell that when he moved toward me it wasn’t aggressive, more curious, but I was so ashamed I had gone in someone else’s house without permission (IN MY OWN DREAM) that I couldn’t get out fast enough. Maybe he wanted to talk, maybe he wanted to kill me, maybe both, I wasn’t brave enough to stand there and find out. There was this panic that I had better get back to the other side of those doors, or else, and so I did, quick.

Yeah, I don’t know either. That one was fun, and stressful. Sorry, Mister. That was unintentional, why I thought a place so pretty would be vacant in today’s market, I do not know. I guess I wasn’t thinking.

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