Hello, Hello!! Welcome Back!

First off, let me say, Sorry for the absence of any decent content in so long.

He is in charge of a frozen continent and sometimes the waters surrounding this bitch get choppy. You are welcome here, and I am glad to have you.

Today is as good as any to shit on Easter, right?-To just swing wide on a rant? FABULOUS. Because I am doing it.

We don’t do religious holidays in Chantarctica. But if we did, Easter is still off limits.

I am a bit of a purist. I prefer the original. When you take over all the good holidays how could you not succeed? Oh, that one hurts. Unlearning takes time. Because just wishing someone a happy Solstice or Happy Spring or Happy (FREAKING) HARVEST isn’t enough even though most of you live in farming communities, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (The Church is only another weight to you. Church is no way to overcome poverty or build confidence. Everything comes from outside yourself and can therefore be taken from you the minute popular opinion shifts, and I am only talking about my people.)

I’m genuinely sorry for the last part, Easter and Christmas get me riled up. No one has fun anymore, like no fun was ever had and everyone wonders why this planet is so dreadful.

We get to Purge Night once a year, on New Year’s Eve, and that is IT!

And we should call Christmas “Winter” instead.

I’m done!

Holidays are complicated for me. Holidays weren’t spent the way they should be spent until I started my own family. Yesterday was one of the best Holidays we ever spent together, and it was so simple. We never left the house, and I never felt the need too. It was us, and we had family over, it couldn’t have been better. We ate early and didn’t overdo it, which is hard because we are fat Americans, but we managed not to overeat.

Grammarly is out of my price range for the next two weeks and that’s just how “it is”. What I am saying is- Forgive a sloppy bitch, thank you. Everybody typos… and he is not the best speller and never pretended otherwise, thank you. And I am using Word, now.

Here we go-

Easter was a pagan holiday that was appropriated by the church to sell more WWJD bracelets to virgins.–I’m sorry!
What I meant to say was- Easter was “coopted” by Christians to drain what little joy was left in the world and diarrhea upon it-



Fine… Easter is whatever you want it to be. And I’m sorry I was mean. I really, really hate that they took the joy out of it, and if you know what I am talking about…. I’m behaving. Rabbits. I don’t hate Christians, I resent the way they treated me personally.

I was a pagan before I was Christian, I converted, and I disavowed said conversion. I’m a pagan again and I don’t think people have fun anymore and it leads to more hell (agnostic? I don’t fucking know, none of it matters.) Some people aren’t spiritual or introspective, I probably dwell on it too much. It doesn’t matter.

Cut to me- watching the Little Mermaid Television Show and trying not to fucking consider our shared circumstances.

I hope you are all safe and full.

You know who was low key stud material? The Seaclops in Season One, Episode 16- Calliope Dreams. Maybe not even low key, maybe flat-out. I will not be taking questions at this time.


Grandpa Neptune would roll over in his grave, is what he’d do! (I’m behaving! That joke is specific to the episode. Just a little something for you… No, I will not explain it, thank you.)

Please have a good week.

Happy Spring!


So internet, cave house, fresh water…(?)
There is never anything to eat because I am a former obese person, but you can bring whatever you like.

Steam Cave. We need a steam cave that won’t murder the shit out of us or blow the fuck up.
It’s a process.
And internet only in certain areas because a bitch isn’t stupid. Thank You.
You’re not allowed to die, thank you.

Not that you ever ask, but I’m doing great, thank you. Call your Mother.




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