Last Night

I had a very long dream. I was a kid again, which always makes me uncomfortable.

It was all an Experiment.

We were in this large group and there was a separate group of adult researchers.

It was very Inventing Anna meets The Lord of the Flies

I can only remember the last scene.

All the testing up until this point had been above the board, and trust had been built.

We are taken to a beach-front building that had a wall open to the ocean.

The Tide was coming in.

I did not know how I knew what was happening, but I knew for a fact that the researchers were about to turn physically violent.

I woke up right after that.

The last thing I saw were the researchers swimming out, all of them gleeful.

And a bunch of oblivious test subjects who had no idea what was coming.

I watched a YouTube video yesterday about a social experiment.

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