I’m not on anyone’s side,

I am not on anyone’s side…

He did laugh at the joke.

That probably hurt, both of them. That could easily make me lose my composure.

I’m ignorant, I thought Jada wore her hair short because it suits her. Had know clue. I just thought it was fierce.

I don’t want to look into if Mr. Rock knew of Her condition. and what he meant by the joke, the spirit counts for a lot.


Wait for me please.

People who have never seen that movie and have only ever heard lesbians and “butch” girls referred to as G.I. Jane… I feel that. Men are the worst.

The only reason the movie worked was that Demi Moore was even more beautiful after she cut off her hair. (Yes, and the body montage. Focus.)

It felt like he was being mean, but in way that was almost a come on?

I don’t know how to explain it.

Then, there is- GI Jane chose to cut her hair off; she didn’t lose it.

All around rough.

All around.

I do know that when it didn’t seem land with Her my heart sank.

I mean he did basically call her butch.

I do not believe in violence, particularly over words, more so if there is a size difference-

We don’t get to say what is or is not when we were not involved.

What I can say,

I think that the (white) people advocating for a black man to lose His Oscar are angrier over the fact that He won an Oscar than anything He did.

But we are behaving.

Shit, I thought it was a stunt that went off the rails.


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