I came into the mirrored room.

So upset, so angry, and humiliated.

That intro hit my ears like salvation.

Here it comes

The response from my body was immediate

That switch flipped.

*Skips into motion*

It was very Flashdance

Because of the my emotional state, I was able to let go and let the music take me.

I killed it.

I mean, 1980’s empty warehouse killed it.

I spun around three times and I cannot spin.

In fact, most of the time I have trouble knowing where to put my feet. Not today.

There was no doubt. It was if I’d never felt it before.

It was first time in years I had full access to my rhythm and my fierceness at the same time.

Even my Father would’ve given it up for that performance and He hates art. “Show ‘Em.”

I wish I had be able to film it, but, nope.

Damn That was Nice.

Sometimes, you forget who you are.

Show ‘em where it’s at, Miss Harding.

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