Trying out new workout clothes.

I like the reaction to the pants, only the type I don’t mind looking at me look at me in pants.

I tried some shorts.

They are too short.

My legs are pretty I know that

If people wouldn’t stare it would be nice, it was my own fault.

We’ll see, they are cotton so maybe they will loosen up, the longer ones are En route. (The longer ones were incorrect. it is either too long or too short. I’m looking for pants. Screw it.

We’ll see.

I’m 5×5 so I can wear short stuff but that shit was funny.

Y’all been real nasty, haven’t you?

Yes, you have.

I will pick you up.

I’m behaving

There was One person who looked like me at Golds and I broke down and asked him flat out how much he weighed because I was so bothered.


maybe more, he looked like Hafþór Júlíus.

I was at 250.

I’m working my way back there. I know I look fat again, thank you. Working on that.

We’ll see.

If I could keep this collagen from forsaking me we would be in business but he is 34, now.

I think I’m going to find a new shirt. You can see the waist-trainer, and I am not a fan. Do not like that.

What I do with the marshmallow fluff is my business.

You gotta go to the gym even though it’s always painful and kind of terrible. (or workout with others)

I’m sorry.



Excuse me one moment.

If I was smart, I could have had a HIDDEN CAMERA but he is a moron. Excuse me- FUCK!!!

He’s a moron.

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