I have a better one!

(Actual) Story Time.

It’s one for the senses.

Today, we will hear the story of how I almost fainted in the steam room.

It happened this afternoon after my workout.

It has never happened before.

Usually, I like to pace in the steam room, which only works when there aren’t others in the steam room.

There were two other people in there today, so I just had to stay still.

After a while, it began to feel better than it usually does, like I was in a bath.

My face was lifted to the ceiling.

And my Head Stopped Working.

Everything above my neck went black.

 I couldn’t see,

I couldn’t hear.

I felt myself slowly sliding down the wall with my right hand.

My legs slowly bent,

and I felt myself sitting on the edge.

It happened so slowly because my body took over.

It was crazy.

I sat down lightly, not knowing that I could sit back, so I sat there on the edge, teetering, not knowing if I should try and stand back up.

I had forgotten myself and my surroundings.

When the Video CAME BACK

I still had no idea where I was for a few seconds. 

“Oh, Shit.” I said, and then “Excuse Me”(which is usually “Pardon Me”, but a bitch was coming back into himself) before getting my dumbass out of the heat.

I don’t think they knew.


A few hours ago.

Don’t die, bitch.

We need you.

Could’ve eaten it TODAY!

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