Last night, I had a crazy dream.

First, the air all around was lit the blue-gray color of sunset. The feel at first was certainly more horror. Some crazy shit was happening, or had happened and we were trying to stop it or prevent it from happening. I don’t know.

Also, at the beginning of the dream I was merely an unseen observer, not a character.

At first it was all spaceships, even though we were on Earth. It felt like we were in California somewhere. I’ve never been to California, but there it is.

Inside this story was a story about two people. Two men who loved each other but couldn’t make their friendship work at that time and in that place.

One was blonde and pretty, the other an intense brunette. All through this story I was with one or the other while each raced to fix the issue.

The colors in this dream were very early 90’s Lisa Frank. Lots of Pink, Orange and Yellow.

This dream spanned years and huge distances. One minute we were on Earth, the Next somewhere in Space.

What became clear was that it was some type of Body Snatcher Situation and the final battle was starting.

We were in some kind of warehouse.

Now I am able to participate and we are checking this places for Host.

Two Human’s disappeared for just a moment and we found them in the process of being taken.

They (THEM) had a sense of humor about it and basically said, “I knew better than to try right now.”

Suddenly, I am on a beach watching the last of them fail to take over a Host.

While these things are drawing to a close,

I see a spaceship flying beside the Golden Gate Bridge,

And I can hear the two friends finally communicating. They are now in a spaceship.

One says, “I finally did this”

Leading the other to say, “I got my skin smoothed out”

When we pan out one says to the other,

“Sorry I didn’t call you for 15 years.”

AND BAM, Back to the


The Message was not one of anger but of disappointment and contrition.

In fact, for some reason,

The Other had made arrangements for us to go to a new world, far away where we would be free to live as we could not here. There was the smell of magic to it. Past a far away sun, near the edge of the universe.


It was all night, with an intermission when I had to urinate.

I woke UP tired.

I don’t know, I can identify some of it, but no, I do not know.

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