To this day,

Straight people treat me one way,

Then another when they find out I’m gay.


What is that?

My entire life.

I have learned that whatever their reason is, just let them go. Unless they are important to you, who cares what they think?

This reaction from a loved one is a fucking betrayal.

Did you trust them?

Did you do your best to conform?

You know how some people like to say not everyone can be saved?

Some people never change.

You are fine. Are you alive?

Do you know who you are?

Then you are winning.

You will come out on top, and they will look like the idiots they are.

Don’t let anyone hurt you and that includes mistreating you.

Excuse me,

But you don’t owe anyone a damn thing,

Especailly letting someone weaponize and aspect of your nature against you.

Don’t give them anything,

Don’t let them accuse you of dishonesty.

You’re alright.

Fight Back.

Anything that comes at your optimism must be destroyed.

Mine was a close part of my being. I may not be a happy person, but I am optimistic. I have always been optimistic about the future. Although the last few years have been dreadful, I remain optimistic.

It works.

That shit never goes away though. It is everywhere.

They had it right the first time. You were worthy of their respect before they got smart and you’re worthy of it regardless of their personal preferences, if they are so damn proper, is what it is.

Many times, you earned that respect, I know, fuck them.


I have to go to sleep.

Don’t feel broken though, you’ll always be a little mad.

Maybe not.

I have always been a fed-up old person and I always will be.

Get some rest, you will feel better.

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