When it comes to death and the afterlife, I can admit that I am unsure. I don’t know if there is such a thing as an afterlife. Or an immortal soul. (There is no such thing as death if this a Simulation.)

At one point in my life I was such a true believer in Christianity that I had zero fear of death and zero uncertainty that I would go to Heaven. I knew that I would give up my life to save someone else’s.

The memory of that chills me.

Because my own wants and my own life meant nothing to me.

Some of you will understand why. It’s not that I believed In something wrong it was that I was manipulated into doing so, and later used by the Baptists to further their agenda.

It’s funny how they can dare speak of a gay agenda when their dirty little fingers are in everything from Politics to Junk Food Production, but alright.

I do believe in something more, something other than the randomness and isolation of our lives, but my faith may be baseless. It feels real and genuine, but who knows?

When you put together that we are heading in one direction it makes you wonder.

“If I die” What you meant was “When”

Shit! Who are you tellin? Why I’m still mad the Rapture never happened and They just left me down here to burn with the rest of yo- .

What I meant to say was “TeamWork!”.

Remember when we went through most our existence killing the shit out of each other before anyone could grow wise enough to stop it?. And it just keeps happening? Remember when 30, then 50 were the end of the road? Remember letting people halt medical breakthroughs because science is inherently evil?

America broke my fucking heart.

It’s not the so-called religion

It’s knowing that most of the people who look like me are vile.

The things they believe, about this life and the people in it would turn your stomach.

Whoever you are, whatever you believe, know that everyone wonders. Don’t drive yourself crazy looking for answers you will never find. He said, knowing he is a damn hypocrite. He is the worst about doing that.

I’ll give you something new.

You know what would suck? Being the only ghost that ever existed and just having to hang there until the universe falls apart. OH! No Higher Power, No company, just you. Until BOOP.


Did I think the Rapture would take place before I’d have to experience death? I did. Most Baptists and Assembly people do. Then, you learn that the church uses Revelation and (usually) regionally held beliefs on Armageddon to keep their members in line.

You want to think it matters, all of it, the person you are, your motivations, your choices, but it’s hard to ever really know.

I am a live-wire, like many of you. I’m grateful for every moment I get.

You kinda just hope for the best.

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