Happy New Year.

It was 80 freaking degrees today.

The world is dying while our leaders fuck up after fuck up.

I cannot.

I refuse to let this year be shit.

Not in this trailer park. Not Today.

First of all, you can do whatever you want.

You just have to be ruthless and strong, which you should be anyway.

If you are here you have to be tough. That means a million things.

Kinda wish I could find the right ice shield that would keep this bitch cold in the SUMMER and not tank the whole thing but you know what they say about wanting.

Be great to sunbathe but we have flaming polar bears…so don’t please.

We’re inside bodies here.

Even the hot springs are under ground.

Best not to overthink it.

Hot Drinks are Free.

Kinda wanna bring your own food though.

He doesn’t eat.

Happy New Year.

I have no idea what I am doing this year.

*Insert Mad Laughter*

This year CAN be better.

Fuck them.



Doesn’t matter

We are Moving On.

Is What We are doing.

Have you seen I saw the Devil?

That was something.

What about Misha and the Wolves?

Monica, what the Hell?!

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