My Name, Episode 2 (Recap)

This episode opens right up with a fight between Ji-woo and Gang-jae, and it is fantastic. At the end of the first episode, a free-for-all cage match ends with them about to get it on. WHAM. The choreography for this series is out of sight. During this scene, we see nothing held back from either character. What we do see are little flashes of Gang-jae’s true nature in his facial expressions. I thought that was just who he became when he fought. Ummmm. Who’s going to tell him?

Alright, so, she lands him with this sweet spinning-elbow swing, right to his teeth. She knocked him out! You could hear his ears ringing.

When he woke up, and his friend started the humiliating jokes, we knew where it was going. Because that is how it starts. When she APOLOGIZED TO SOOTHE HIS PRIDE, and he didn’t con-grat-u-late her, we knew where this was going. And there it is, there’s the smile.

Gang-jae decides that since Ji-woo beat him like a rug that he’s going to rape her. He had premeditated this by drugging her water. The one guy who spoke out was called a sissy. Next thing, Gang-jae and buddy are in her room. Ji-woo comes half-awake while buddy is trying to undress her, and Gang-jae is sitting there, smiling. She manages to sit up but is pushed down by Gang-jae, who says the standard pervert lines. She knocks buddy off her, and he falls into the shelf holding her Father’s ashes, and everything comes down, shattering. I thought she was going to kill them. Grabbing up a sharp piece of the urn, she shoves it right into buddy’s tenders when he tries to kick her. It was so good. That’s why we keep our parts to ourselves.

This scene was giving me A+ Horror Movie vibes. It was not just the lighting or the expressions. When he came out holding that hammer, the AIR was enough to make you forget she wasn’t about to die. He falls on her, but she sticks his right in the goo (that is what we call gut) before he can kill her.

Later on, in his office, Mu-jin stands before a kneeling Gang-jae. He holds a sword and says, Face, Arm, Leg. (OH, you are SCREWED, buddy-ro.) He gives him the option of which he wants “mangled”, which is broad. Mu-jin knew that Ji-woo would be attacked at least once, but he didn’t think it would be Gang-jae. And he cuts that pretty face.

What we see next is some very mature handling of trauma, with Ji-woo crying it out.

When Tae-ju confronts her about it, she shrugs it off.

There is a killer montage where we see Ji-woo join the police with a time jump from then to now, and the debut of the sickest haircut you’ve ever seen.

Ji-woo is now in the Violent Crimes division, but we see her breaking up a drug deal. Enter Pil-do. WHOOOOOOOOOO. He’s alright, I guess.

Ji-woo tries to detain one of the suspects but is stopped by Pil-do

Next thing I remember, Mu-jin strolls up on a traitor-looking more than alright with that beard. Whaaat? Should’ve gotten a Tesla, but what do I know? That’s only funny if you’ve seen it.

In the next scene, we find out Gi-ho, the man in the hoodie, is (dun dun dun) the CAPTIAN of Narcotics! (GIVE IT TO ME. Icona Pop! I LOVE IT!…..Apologies)

Ji-woo gets on the team. When Ji-woo tells Mu-jin the news, he presents her with his knife. We see a flashback where Dong-hoon saves Mu-jin and Tae-ju.

Pil-do is interrogating their suspect when 🎶There she goes just-a walking down the street🎶But who just got transferred, though?

You think it’s over, right?


Of course, they are partners, and he is annoyed, and she is phenomenal; let’s do this.

Pil-do tells Ji-woo to go inside this building and bring out a man named Mango.

Ji-woo walks into this building, and security gets fresh with her. He throws her up against a wall, and she grabs her riot-wand and lets him have it. Backup arrives, and it is a brawl. It was a hallway full of “Not Tonight”. Pil-do walks down a runway of busted security guards. The last shot is of Ji-woo and Pil-do making eye contact while she is bruising Mangoes.

It’s one of those shows you can’t stop watching.

My Name is streaming on Netflix.

Daughter of a gangster who will stop at nothing to avenge one of her Parents?

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