Where I come from, the laws women’s reproductive health were archaic.

When I was very young the only women who had access to birth control were married women. That is some toxic male bullshit meant to keep Women in line.

What I am sick of seeing are all of these nasty comments like- “You should’ve waited until you got married.”, or more likely, some nasty insult sanctioned by their religious beliefs. Beliefs that they have warped to fit their own opinions.

Because they have been taught to see their bodies and minds as inherently evil, they go around spewing that self-hatred and frustration onto everyone who doesn’t agree with their version of the truth.

Forced Abstinence doesn’t work. Abstinence leads to growing rates of STDs and unplanned pregnancies.

Abstinence cannot account for sexual violence, making women guilty in their own worst nightmare.

Personally, I wish I hadn’t had sex until I got married.

That is a personal preference based on My Experience.

It certainly don’t think it works for most people.

People say, “If you can have sex then you can have a kid.”, without acknowledging that your body is reacting normally to stimulation and it’s perfectly natural and




We get it!-You’ve been forced to override your instincts and see everything as sinful. That is a tragedy and I’m sorry… you may never recover. That is heartbreaking.

What I am going to need you to do is get your ignorant mitts off the Women’s Healthcare, please.

Thank you, Timothy… That is all.

Men have no right discussing or ruling on Women’s Rights.

Women’s Reproductive Rights are Basic Human Rights.

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