More than once at the Assembly Church, they’d run out of oil in the “fancy” bottle, and they’d break out that Piggly Wiggly Brand Olive Oil.

Yes, they did. Yes, they did!
They absolutely did that-With-the BS Tongues
They scared the hell outta me.
Baptists annoyed me
The Assembly Scared me
Methodists Bored me
The Lutherans almost had me, that drag is fabulous.

I converted at least 50 people. Oh, that one hurts.
No. No.
Because They could have found themselves just fine without my interference and in MANY cases, Their pain would be better treated by FacinG I-T. And I knew that. But he did not. He thought he was helping. And they did keep a tally, now. I brought down the original number because it bummed me out.

Those people never met.
Home Chanzy School Chanzy.

Christian Chanzy was a foul motherfucker.

And I’m only referring to Church shit.

I believe in (for lack of a better word) “God”.
I don’t know anything else.

I don’t wanna hear!

Don’t care.

And if it’s not real?

Well, shit.

Time just keeps rolling…until it doesn’t.

I will see you again.

Fuck it, right?

I spent my early life dedicated to the Christian Church.

It was an escape from home and school.

I had a genuine love and admiration for the Creator.

One Day,
Someone explained that magic wasn’t real.

I said, “What about religion?”

They didn’t say. Or couldn’t convince me once I got started. “Oh, it’s fake.” was my horrified thought. Not that it was all fake, but that my own personal experience was horseshit.
On that dirt road off that county road in the depths of the Alabamian Lowlands.

I knew how crazy the insides of those places got, and excused it because we were family.

Oh fuck.

I could’ve been an acrobat.

I can’t think about it anymore.

Good Lord.

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