I just need my classmates to acknowledge that I would’ve won.


I need to hear you say it.

They were all Human, I was only PART Human.

I could survive outside and it was the law, y’all.

It would have been a different movie.

If I had to I would’ve tried to get everyone at once before they realized what was up but I’m sure they want to see people squirm so I’d have to be sweet.

I could go brutal but more likely I’d play the same role I always did until right before I didn’t.

Two Words-

“Right Here.”

One of the Girls could’ve beat me. She would need to be gone quick. If it’s the sequel, I hope we’re partners. I would have MUCH rather escaped but you know they would’ve shot us anyway. Please! No. They would not leave before it was over. THERE’S YOUR FICTION.

You don’t even know, I still love this movie so much.

If you have never, then you better.

Battle Royale, watch the Extended Cut.

It was so good.

It is still good.

Worst. Geography Class. EVUR-Uh!

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