Amazing Grace Faith Fellowship

Google that shit, if you ever wonder.

I was part of the 1st congregation.

And I helped recruit people who I assume still go there.

I really wanted to behave.

Please understand, I truly believed the bullshit about being cured.

But no. Assembly ain’t scared this Bitch.

You better come correct.

With your fake-ass tongues, you are not ready for this.

I do not care.

I don’t even know the things I used to scripture-wise because that space is being used for more useful information, but whatever.

Shit, other churches would try to recruit me out from under my home church and I still didn’t leave until the preacher’s kid and I got into it.

I really really really wanted to be “good”.

I may be wrong, but I think I’m good now. (ish) Everyone has to feel like a hero, or they couldn’t bear this nonsense, but yeah, I think so.

Especially now that I’ve learned some psychology


I’m behaving.

I am not anti-religion, I am anti-people who pretend to be religious because it gives them an excuse to be a dick.

Sell It Down The River, Martha.

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