North of Boston

I don’t know why I do this to You or myself.

Pump Your Brakes

Some parts of it seem off, but it has got the Bone Structure, Honey.

That is where it’s at.
There it is.
“It’s my new Day Room”
Fireplaces evarywhere
I think I’d live right there.
There’s Your Kitchen, Baby!
You’re Damned Right
I want that, please.
I think this is all the Master.

I cannot go on.

I know this is terrible, but if there isn’t an interior pool with a view of the ocean, I’m out.

But you know there’s one.

And Hopefully A salt or mineral bath with a STEAM ROOM, but alright.

Those trees lining the Driveway are a mess.

And I’d bring down anything useless that took away from the look.

That GARAGE looks fucking tacky. Pardon me, but fuck her. It’s the roof, no I don’t know how to fix it but I’d figure it out.

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He's a mess. What else?

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