History has always been my favorite subject. I didn’t even know it until after I was done with school. (He’s a goober.)

As far as history goes, I’ve always thought that understanding history is essential to a better future. Patterns repeat themselves. That’s why old people walk around sounding like prophets and shit. 

When I got out on my own, it occurred to me that they don’t teach Eastern History in Western Schools. (Not the low-rent schools I went to anyway) That aggravated me because Americans never shut up, so our information is just out there. Everywhere, all the time. Worse, many Americans act like our history is the only one that matters. It’s just disrespectful and lazy. 

Oh, say, can you see?

Fortunately, there is a book for that.

Anything you want to know, it’s out there.

Now, at least I am not entirely clueless. 

There was one point in my life where the only Asian Countries I could point out were China and Japan. That is fucking shameful but it us the truth. A grown-ass man who got A’s in History. I cannot.

Now, I’ve gotten better at Geography and History.

I was very insecure about my lack of knowledge.

Whatever you feel you need to learn, even if you can’t afford to go back to school, you can learn. There is a book for that.

We let our insecurities drive from the backseat when we should be hauling ass.

It’s alright. I know. And, I know it freakin’ hurts.

Knowledge is power, and being powerful involves pain.

That you already knew.

SideRant- I have never understood why the formation of the earth isn’t included in a HISTORY class, but whatever. THAT was a gap that was uncomfortable as HELL to fill. But you ain’t coming at this bitch with that religious malarkey. Never again. Do you know how much scripture I had memorized at one point in my life? No, you do not. I am behaving.

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