Are we finally at the spot where I’m allowed to admit the feminine men are where it’s at?

Is that alright yet?

Obviously, I can only speak for my personal preferences, but still.

Age is irrelevant. Yes, pretty. And a little frail-looking, if I’m honest. He can be bigger so long as I can lift him.

When I was a growing up, I was taught to despise men who were delicate or feminine.

Now, they could stand in line.

I’m am behaving!

I’m allowed to like what I like.

All of my friends and family assumed that I’d end up with a beast.

One of my Friends actually said, “A Beast.”

I tried Girl (but I didn’t ).

Never met a gay guy who was a strong as me who wasn’t also an Alpha Gay, and they wear on my nerves. I love Ya’ll but You are some mean Bitches. I don’t even pretend to try and keep pace with that.

Maybe the distaste for feminine guys isn’t about them at all.

You’d know that if you ever slept with one.

I said I’m behaving.

There is nothing wrong with whatever you’re into. (I am speaking to the Humans)

If you like masculine guys, go at him.

It just seems like My People are still in 1972 about this. At the very least, we have to protect them. We can’t allow people to mess with any of us.

Get past it, you will feel so much better.

You better let that boy sing.

I would rather see actual gay people, thank you. That is what I like.

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He's a mess. What else?

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