Before I was afraid of the dark, I would nap outside at anytime, wherever I found a spot.

When you live out in the country you can do that.

I’d always get sleepy a sunset, doze off for an hour and get home before the stars were out.


I passed out like I had many times before.

I woke up from a nightmare in pitch freaking black. It was so dark it was heavy.

The only sense I had was the dirt under my feet.

I was disoriented and ended up walking in the WRONG DIRECTION.

and ended up at the road.O


I remember turning around and realizing what I did. I started crying immediately. I couldn’t even scream for help for fear of drawing something towards me.

Our Driveway.

Oh my GOD our Driveway.

First of all, you had to know how to drive it or it’d fuck up your car. SECOND OF ALL, it was a freaking nightmare to navigate in the dark, in a car. On foot was worse. Worst of all, it was a mile of dirt road, with a Bait-Bed Jungle-Forest on the Left and a Giant (Children of the) Corn Field on the Right.

That one hurt.

Yes, I did start crying.

Mainly, I remember thinking I wouldn’t be able to get back, that something or someone would stop me.

When my foot hit the dirt I had to stop myself from running. Those first few steps hurt.

I know that by the time I got home I was so freaked out I was doing the full terror giggle.

My Father was stone sober and said, “I thought you were in bed.”

I said, “I fell asleep.”, motioning outside.

He that knows me said, “You Alright?”

“I had a nightmare.”

He put it together

“Won’t be doin’ that again, huh?”

He had a way with getting right to the point.

No Sir, I will not.

It was crazy because at least a few times I woke up to a beautiful sky and floated home like Kirby.

Then-WHAM! The Other Half.


I can be very naive, is the point of that one, I think.

Sweet Dreams.

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