Here’s was a rough one,

I only ever used my strength to protect myself and those around me, in my own circle.

There were people who had it much much much worse than we did, and I never drop kicked anyone for them. And I knew how.

That is unacceptable.

All that Christian hocus-pocus about loving each other, and I didn’t mess up anyone who deserved it for anyone else.

Oh, that hurts.

No, because that is what is supposed to happen.


I might be a terrible. Oh.

Maybe always.


There is one person from my class that if I saw someone bullying Him now, I would rip off their fucking head for what he went through at that High School.

Doesn’t matter now, though.

Of course, I tried to amend it, we loved the same old lady, and I owed HER BETTER TOO. I tried when it landed the first time when I finally got out, and shit started hitting me.

Be nice.

And be GOOD.

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He's a mess. What else?

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