Your Name Engraved Herein (2020)

Was a BEAUTIFUL freaking movie.

Oh my God that was amazing.

Holy Crap.

No. no. FUCK your Brokeback Mountain-THAT is what we are looking for with “complicated”.

I never fell in love with any classmates.

Unless you count that bitch, Justin. Gross. And I had no clue until adulthood. Jason I also loved, for year‘s for no good reason. Obsessed with Jason. For no reason. We are done with the J’s thank you.

I did have a secret codeword with one of my best friends. (“Punk” it meant “I love you”.)

That’s right, I said it, Geneva County. Come get me. With your farmin’ ass. I see you. You already lost Slocomb I will come back for Hartford.

I’m done.

Another friend and I were virgins for a long time.

I thought I was the last person (in the world) to have sex. He waited longer than I did.

I remember being very disappointed when he told me, because I wish I had waited. He was the only one in our class, our school that didn’t fuck with me for being chaste. I thought he had sex in Junior High. He never said and I never asked.

Trivia- Nearly every boy in my grade said some vulgar shit to me.

I was just happy I wasn’t bullied physically, I felt that I got off cheap.

It’s because the first person I slept with disappointed me. So bad.

It couldn’t be an officer, Chanzy? You had to grow up that night? FUCK.

Yeah, just let shit happen. That’s smart.

The fiction is that there is always a compatible mate right there.

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