When I first started watching Revenge I thought I identified with Madeleine Stowe’s Victoria Grayson. It wasn’t far off. My Mother also had long black hair.

I assumed that was why I loved her, she reminded me of my Mother (or myself).

Then, CONRAD starts showing his true self, INCLUDING the fact that he loves Victoria. The feeling built until about the end of the second and it hit me hard all during the third.

When he killed her boyfriend it was clear. He was sitting beside me and I had to tell him the truth-

I don’t love Victoria Grayson because she reminds me of myself. I love Victoria Grayson because she reminds me of Him.

THAT IS HOW HE THINKS. I am behaving. But is true.

I will never be that beautiful, elegant bitch.

Unfortunately, that makes me Conrad without the cash or the Perfect Face.

It’s fine. I got it. We all knew he was going to kill Pascal, right? I mean, it’s real estate. And it’s not like he outsourced it.

I am not taking his side.

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