Once, I was working a very labor-intensive job.

I loved it. I fucking loved it. I was paid well, and I got to sweat at work so exercise was redundant. I love shit like that.

Anyway, the owner’s son was on the same team as me a good deal of the time.

We were about the same age. I didn’t like him. At the time, I didn’t like men with long hair. He had a good-looking friend but I didn’t care for either of them. They were turds.

I’m over at this house and I’m in an upstairs living room (?) idk wtf and Long Hair appears in a hallway and says, “Come Here.”

(Oh yeah, I’m at the boss’s house)

He said it just like that, “Come Here” it wasn’t a request.

I turned into Butters, I said, “uh-uh”

“Come Here”.

I said “No”

while trying to maintain my composure.

Not trying to be unkind just




Don’t care to be alone with the boss’s son. No thank you, I don’t like Her. Not outside, not Inside. Not in a room of any size, and certainly not in the narrow-hall-closet room they had their Adult Son tucked into.


It made me uncomfortable. The situation, not the tacky house.

I relented.

WEAK! I know stfu. Listen!

I went into the room. I shut the door. His eyeballs changed for 5 seconds; he saw I was unaffected and fell right back into himself. No.

Nothing important was said.

And the friend can’t sit still?

No, thank you.

I left the room.

Because he did that thing were he was a j.e.r.k. and I wasn’t interested, is why.

I don’t think I will be chilling, thank you.

Because you’re a terrible person, Martha!

Everyone thinks all kinds of hateful shit until they see me do something fun. It’s everyone. It’s great to earn validation but just getting it is fine too.

They made fun of me until they couldn’t tear something down. They had just started being half nice (sort of) when this happened.

I suppose I was fun to look at when I got started.

MEN ARE STUPID. Men are gross and stupid.

What I am saying is- Youre not going to honk at me during work and then we’re buddies? We are not. I have 3 buddies, my Father my Brother and my Grandfather, end of list.

His soft tone for 6 seconds did nothing, *ping ping* NOTHING, right off the “man shield”. I know I’m good, mmmm, are we done? I already said I didn’t want to come in herez. Soo… WHAT?


We are not friends.

With the fat jokes.

We are not friends.

Because, I don’t trust you!

With your nasty-ass attitudes.

Piss poor. Piss poor attitude.

You’re damned right, I’m difficult.


Have I said I’m glad my Parents were my Parents? I could be taller, but between the two of them (ick), I lucked out. I can’t tell you, I’m not allowed, but everyone should feel the way I do and I’m not even pretty. My Husband is Pretty. I’m occasionally handsome. His is constant, mine is chaotic.

Men are stupid.

And they repeat themselves.

I try to avoid them. My first thought is usually “I don’t like her.”

I’m kind of a mean old lady. It’s okay, I have aways been a mean old lady.

I’m owning it.

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