I don’t know why

(And I may be wrong)


When a man cheats on a woman, I’m on her side.

When a woman cheats on a man I am still on her side. (Particularly when he comes at her angry for said indiscretion. Nope. I don’t give a shit for your feelings. I do not. I do not care.)

I’ll try to explain.

1. Men are Terrible


That’s all. End of explanation.


Are we good?


Fine! I’ll elaborate… geez.

99.99% of the time the she has been driven to cheat by a “Bad”, “Mean”, “Insensitive”, or just old-school “Abusive” man.

Can a Bitch get an Amen?



You heard me.

These men do NOT DESERVE YOUR SYMPATHY. (Had they been more sympathetic in their relationships that shit wouldn’t happen.)

But they get it, and more frequently than Women.

Women get no sympathy when a man cheats. More often than not, she gets blamed.

You don’t get to treat her like she’s nothing and then get mad when she loses it. But they do.


Acting like all women are untrustworthy is some ol’ bullshit, and they know it. It’s one of those widely-accepted falsehoods. That shit gets on my nerves and it is everywhere. That would be men you are thinking about.

I never said cheating was okay.

But, is it cheating when he never played by the rules in the first place?


You know what else is “not okay”?

Being unfit to be in a relationship and pretending that is has ANYTHING to do with ANYONE else.

“Encourage Me.”

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