This one still makes me angry.

When I was a young child, My Father let us adopt a dog. He was an outside dog, but he was ours.

He was beige and had a white ring around his neck. His name was Lucky.

One day, out in the woods, I heard an awful sound.

Being myself, I went towards it.

What I heard was people, which didn’t make sense.

Then, shouts and snarling.

A terrible awareness settles over me.

I moved closer and finally saw it.

It was a dog fight.

It was a MANUFACTURED Dog Fight.

Grown Human Beings where throwing cornfeed into the dogs’ faces, causing them to attack one another.

One of them was Lucky, the other a neighbor’s dog.

I. Lost. My. Fucking. Mind.

I remember screaming, and not because it was my dog. I knew better than to yell at adults. I also knew what they were doing was fucking disgusting.

What I wanted was for all of them to drop dead, but that didn’t happen. I just messed up the entertainment, was all.

I remember anger, and then shame on their faces.

The Dogs survived, but their relationship was forever changed. Afterwards, They would attack one another periodically, something they hadn’t done before.

People are evil.

Scream in their fucking faces if you have to but-

Howl it out.

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