Dead Book Walking

I am someone who enjoys the original version of things. Not a purist, but certainly particular.

There is no such thing as “culture” where I’m from, and I’ve had to learn all of this solo. I hate relizing something I already love is only a dull remake of something superior. It happened more frequently before I was aware of the problem. So, I might even be a little OCD about it.

Case in point- Having misplaced my copy of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? I ordered what I thought was the same book. It was supposed to be from the ’80s, an exact copy of mine (I know He revised it🙄, and I am not interested. I don’t care if Jesus revised it; that was unnecessary).

Open the package, and BAM!-It was THE REVISED EDITION!!!

Alright, New Coke

And Damn You, Stock Photos, you catfishing-bitches.

I tried it,


She was old but still perfect and they messed with her face anyhow.

I will not.

It’s mine now to do with as I please, and it will please me to burn it.

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