Reflections on Revenge

Sheila could’ve made some damn money with Victoria slinging that art.

No one told her.

I thought I understood Victoria so well and one day around season 3 I realized I loved her so much because she reminds me of someone I love very much… That would make me Conrad. I freaking wish.

I love Conrad, He LOVES VICTORIA.

And there it is-Conrad. Who, by the way, is hotter than David Clarke. You heard me, Hotter than David Clarke. I loved that everyone worked another year, but killing Conrad killed a lot of my investment.

Emily could’ve saved a lot of money and gone to the pawn shop, but whatever. So much money.

I bet Patrick did some weird artist shit when he saw the Snuff Tape.

Stevie Grayson is pouring gin on Victoria’s grave right now.

They are in for some “behavioral health” issues when Carl figures out the truth. That will be a trantrum.

When that magic dust sent Charlotte back in time to re-seduce Mark Ruffalo… she kinda came back mean, right? Did she learn her lesson or didn’t she? I mean…

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