*I can’t remember precisely where the dream starts. I do not know where the others came from.*

There was a group of between 12-15 of us standing in a small greeting area that was pretty but spartan.

There was light flooding through a large rectangular window that was off-center, on the far wall, to my left, near the top.

We were there under the pretense to scout the area to host an event for some sacred organization. It wasn’t a job or a religion, but it was important, and we were all members.

We were taken everywhere quickly like you are.

None of us were really asking questions.

A girl spoke to me, taller, short hair. Bookish cute. By her tone, I could feel we were on the same page. As in “no thank you”.

By the end of it we all realized it was an insidious test.

We were kept in separate small groups where we solved puzzles.

We were brought back together.

Eventually, we were in a fellowship hall-type space.

We were ass-deep in the middle of some kind of negotiation.

It looked like very tame legal shit and we were losing.

It wasn’t just financial stakes. There was also some dangerous physical aspect.

The opposition consisted of one person-A Stressed-out office-looking guy. He was at the far end of the long executive table. His outfit and papers helped sell “weak but correct”. Brown hair, unattractive stubble, “stress face”. He was giving us “sympathetic yet beleaguered employee who doesn’t want to do this, but has to”.

It was my dream, so I was arguing for “our” side.

Everyone was quiet. We went back and forth he kept trying to plead with the person closest to him.

He had won. They had won. We had no choice but to bend to their will.

That made me walk off. When I crossed the threshold, something hit me and I spun back around. I don’t know where it came from.

I said, “I wonder what they’ll do when they find out you failed.”.

All faces turned on him, hard.

He jumped up from the table.

He came at me around the table.

As soon as he moved towards me I went at him so that we met in the middle of the table.

He was not human. What he was representing was not human. Anti-Human.

They had only seemed to be, and since we figured it out, it broke their power to negotiate.

Face to face he was harder, more handsome, and not weak-looking. He was something entirely more powerful than me but it didn’t matter. I knew I had access to magic because of the power distribution. He’d kill me, but I’d rot his melon for him.

We just stood there. (Rules? I don’t know.)

His expression went from wild and ready to a cold regard. I was not afraid of her.

My actual body jerked. I felt it and tried to stay.

He gave me a hard-eyed grin while I was being pulled back but there was “damn you” in his eyes. I saw the room disappear as I was yanked out and put back.

I woke up with a buck, knowing in the same second that, because I left, the others were stuck there.

Husband- “Are you alright?”

Me- “I just had a …. …. stressful dream.”

Husband- “I’m sorry.”

Me-“No… it’s okay, I’m going to try to go back.”

Bewildered- “Okay…”

And I did.

I went back to sleep and went for it.

I actually got back to the place, or close enough.

I was alone floating in an empty, greenish-white void. It was like backlit paper.

I knew I’d never have the strength to get back inside the building. But I had gotten back and I knew where it was.

I sent every bit of light I could into that spot.

The outline of the building was backlit for a moment and then disappeared back into the “emptiness”.

And I fell back into myself.

I tried, y’all.

It was the coolest shit that has happened to me this year.

She knows where it is.


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