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This is no surprise, but tonight I would like to talk about men—specifically, men and marriage.

Something I hear consistently when Friends have issues with Their husbands is-

“He was great until we got married and then he changed.”

Let me say, before I start swinging wide, that everyone changes, every day. We all do. That is not what we are talking about.

Generally, what has happened is not a change at all, but a revelation.

In the words of Winifred Sanderson, “Jump Back!”. Let’s do this.

He was a fraud from the start.

I know it sucks! Yes, you should be allowed to (legally) defend yourself against that type of mental attack.

It’s cruel and unusual, but people don’t care. They act like it’s “part of life” when the truth is a deception that people (men) continually get away with, with the support of society.

People (men) Frequently put up all types of Oscar-worthy performances to get others (women) to commit their lives to them. Gender doesn’t matter in this type of “asshole”, but I think we can agree that 99.999% of the time, it is a man who has deceived a woman.

Marriage or any committed relationship between two people is supposed to change you, but for the better, not the other way around.

Worse than that, men have the nerve to blame their “change” in behavior on their spouses! Like anything they’ve done is justification. It is all a massive manipulation because they haven’t “changed”. They have only stopped pretending.

Women can never let their guard down because that is what Sweet Face is waiting for, and then he will tear you to shreds.

Even friends and family won’t show you a bit of mercy for being in the situation. They’ll say, you must have known all along, well shit on that, most of those fuckers are smooth.

If a man “changes” after getting you to commit to him, you have been betrayed. That’s what it is.

You are not stupid for getting tricked. It is not your fault. He’s a monster, and you can’t reason with monsters.

You did not turn Jeff Goldblum into The Fly.

Don’t let him call you crazy. Don’t let him invade your mind. Don’t let him “tell you” anything when you are smart enough to know the truth. He ran a con on you. You have been swindled.

The only solution is to get away from him. Reason? He never “changed” in the first place, and he certainly won’t change for your sake, or Heaven forbid, for the sake of your family.

You know what it is.

Don’t let them hurt you. They are not worthy of your most precious gift- Your time on this Earth.

You can get your money back from a falsely advertised product, but you will never get the time back you spent on a lying son of a bitch.

Don’t let him hurt you. In the end, that is all he is after…to bring you as low as he feels about himself. You are worth more.

He never “changed”.

You have to watch them. I don’t give a damn how confident they seem or how pretty they are.

Fuck. THAT. You deserve to be happy, whatever that looks like to you.

You didn’t feed his ass after midnight, he was never Gizmo. He was that scary fucker in a Gizmo costume.

You deserve to be happy, and it is not your fault. You were not stupid or naive, and you’re not wrong for being angry.

There is no way of knowing how long a man can keep up the act (usually until they have their way).

That’s why I don’t think there should be an annulment period on marriages.


*There are good men, worthy men, better men who deserve your commitment. I saw one, once, in the ocean.

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