(*If you don’t like mountains, this one will bore you*)

Usually, I’d keep this to myself in some vain hope that I might one day acquire it.

I’m about a million short, but if I can’t have it, maybe one day, one of you bitches can.

There is no house to give your home a complex. Trust me, I know.

This is one of the all-around prettiest pieces of land I have ever seen. I bet you the pictures don’t do it justice.

It is in Burnsville, NC, asking 1,260,000

It is 2 Hundret and Twenty-Four Acres.

You are not capable of being ready for this-

What did I say?
That could be a painting
I am blushing. GET OUT OF THERE
And a sunspot. I can’t.
Meado-n’t you Dare
Could you imagine it in a storm?? GIVE IT TO ME!
🎶And a tree in the Meadow🎶
A shade tree with a view?!
That is a wheel-greaser right there.

I love this. This specifically. I LOVE IT.

Don’t go, pretty baby
It even has buildings you can smash!!
And if anyone gets nasty in the TWO-Hundred Acre Wood
There is plenty of space to play High Tension

I know it is overpriced, but it is also priceless, so.

I know it is in the middle of NOWHERE

(45 minutes (southwest) to Asheville… ASHEVILLE!)

But that’s the point of a hideaway.

I love being around civilization; I hated living in a remote, sparsely-populated area.

It’s still the prettiest to shit I have seen in forever.

If it had a cave, I’d sell a kidney.

You don’t know!

She could be a star!!

I’m done.

It’s not even close enough to a highway,

He said in a clear attempt to hide his bitterness.

“Where are you?”
Just at home… Super casual

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