Toxic Masculinity in Homosexual Men

For a long time I have been on the scent of something foul. I knew that it existed but I couldn’t figure out how to bring it up. The world has paired women and queer men together like they are the same; they are not. Homosexual men can display more prejudice against women than heterosexual men; being gay doesn’t make you immune to bigotry. Homosexual men are no better than heterosexual men when it comes to displays of toxic behaviour.

There we are, picking out your outfits and giving you shade from the sun. Society sees two equals, but what is there is still a man and a woman. Men are terrible. Homosexual men must have higher rates of psychological abuse because it is there but invisible. Even when it’s hilarious, verbal abuse is verbal abuse. That’s two, and we are not even talking about when he(man) feels justified in screaming at you(woman)—or doing anything aggressive to win an argument. Gay men should be a harbour for women. More often than not, we are the storm on the ocean.

It was a fair question-“Why do some gay men hate lesibians?” My answer was quick-“Because they hate women.”

I don’t know where it came from but I know that it’s true. In all of my time around men, I never met one homosexual man who chose his (female) friend’s allegiance over his lust for her mate. What I am saying is- all men make ruthless use of their appearance, queers eat that shit up, and women are left the worse for it. He will spill your tea. If a man(or anyone)is attracted to someone you need help with-Don’t confide in them. DO NOT take that bitch’s advice. Gay men feel entirely justified betraying a woman’s confidence to get ahead with other men.  Whatever the excuse is, it is bullshit, and he knows it. Sometimes you can’t trust anyone. It happens, don’t let them at your feelings. Also, his betrayal is sexless which is not okay. At least the other way you had fun.

There are times that a woman can’t trust a single man in her life, including gay men. Sometimes, she even has to get away from all men (including her family) to get something that is important to her taken care of. I believe it happens to all women, but I could be wrong. You would think that gay men would be perfect for difficult times, but even though he might think he “gets it”, you are a woman and he does not. He is going to tell you what he thinks, forgetting that you must play by a different set of rules. 

We are all human, and it counts for something, but don’t let them fool you… It’s not as simple as “Hey Gurl!”, (I HATE THAT, BTW) you’ve got to watch him as close as any other man. He will betray you to another man if he feels it’s “what’s best.”, and now that I think about it, that might be all men. Gross. It ain’t just the ocean that needs a scrubbing. We haven’t even started with the distorted beauty standards, or the weight shaming, later! you mean bitches, I see you! You ain’t slick, we ain’t done. But I am done for today. 

We have to do better for women specifically.

Love you, Granny. 


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